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Citric Acid

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Positive Chemical Co. Ltd. is the sales and marketing of citric acid.
Citric acid :
E330 is technically termed additive,
citric acid monohydrate, known as the chemical name;
looks solid,
The color white,
density 1.55-1.65 g / cm, ranging from
The molecular weight of 192,123 g / mol, which is
melt temperature between 135-153 ° C,
The formula C6H8O7
Citric acid is used in many sectors.
The food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, detergent manufacturing industry etc.
Packing in 25 kg bags in general form.

Positive Chemical Industry. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Established in 2002.
And since then the general chemical raw material used in the chemical sector, sales and marketing.
Our aim is to supply customers with quality products at an affordable price.

Citric acid (E330), we sell out of the list of chemical ingredients into the following:


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